DAU75  DELCLEAR® Acrylic Urethane Clear

DSC5250  DITZLER® Satin Clear Kit

Low gloss. All boss. Ditzler Satin Clear is a low gloss custom clear providing a uniform, low gloss finish popular with today's custom painters. It delivers superior mar resistance and outstanding color retention. It can be used on accent stripes, hoods or the entire vehicle.

VC5225  Soft Touch Clear

VC5225 Soft Touch Clear is an innovative, high-solids, two-component urethane topcoat that combines a soft luxurious feel and a very low sheen to provide a top quality finish for trim accents and interiors. Soft Touch Clear offers excellent burnish, scratch and mar-resistant properties, and can be used over PPG Vibrance Collection custom color basecoats.

VC5700  DITZLER® Custom Clear

VC5700 Ditzler Custom Clear is a high build, easy to apply urethane clearcoat that provides a deep, high gloss appearance perfect for a show quality finish. Specifically designed for custom shops, VC5700 fills tape lines and graphics, has great vertical hold and is very easy to polish. It can also be used as a lock down clear to protect and level graphics and provide a layer to sand prior to flow coating.