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Custom Airbrushing Techniques

Airbrush experience required, or must have completed Basic Airbrushing course.

Using gravity feed airbrushes to create 8 projects and learn:

  • Proper use of stencils and templates
  • To use pre-cut designs with Paint Mask
  • Masking techniques with Paint Mask, Transfer Paper and Masking Tape
  • Art of cutting on masking tape using razor blades and cutting tools
  • Proper distance when air brushing, settings for close detail work and distant shading
  • Airbrush special effects including: real fire effects, chrome, diamond place and rivets, stone effects, wood grain, water bubbles, shading, and blending
  • Layout tips, use of reference material, highlights and shadows
  • Panel projects include: Maltese cross with real fire effect, wood grain, paper scroll, rose, chrome beveled logo, diamond plate, metal with rivets, granite slab metal tear out with bubbles and template backgrounds.

Gravity-feed airbrushes will be provided for student’s use during class. If desired, students may bring their own gravity feed airbrush.

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