Welcome to the candy store.

Formulate your own signature colors with our toners and dyes, or select from one of our high-octane color palettes. Because you sweat even the smallest details, we offer a huge range of micas, flakes and crystals for heavenly glows, sparkling shines and eye-grabbing novelty effects.

Charley Hutton Color Collection

Three Ridler Awards. One legendary name.

Crystal Pearl® Custom Colors

A dazzling selection of mica pigments that create brilliant three-dimensional, glimmering effects.

Crystallance® Glass Flake Colors

A brilliant collection of glass flakes that create unique finishes with intense sparkle and flare.

Ditzler® Big Flake™ Bold Metal Flake Colors

Large metallic flakes create a bold finish reminiscent of '70s-era show cars and custom bikes.

Flamboyance® Tri-Coat Effects

Deep, rich colors can be custom-formulated and combined to produce any number of gorgeous tri-coat effects.

Luminescence® II Color Travel Effects

Shimmering and shifting, this pigment creates a silky, smooth "color travel" effect on basecoat and tri-coat finishes.

Prizmatique® Multicolor Flake Collection

Special multicolored flakes create a finish that glitters and sparkles with a rainbow of color.

Radiance® II Candy Colors

A sweeter "candy" you won't find. Choose from a wide range of dyes to achieve that deep, brilliant, candy tri-coat look.

Starfire Colors

A rich palette of colored aluminum pigments, inspired by ancient mythology.

Street Sweets® Color Collection

Exquisite shades from our Street Sweets Color Collection. Capturing the allure of your favorite candies, these mouth-watering formulations can transform any ride into a tasty visual treat.